DoroTree  v.2. 5. 2021

The DoroTree software was created by veteran genealogists that were searching for a solution to their unique needs.

Hebrew Date Converter  v.

A Gregorian (English) to Hebrew Date conversion program. It converts one's Birthday, Anniversary, or loved one's Yahrzeit (anniversary of death), into the Hebrew date (both in the year of occurance and the next upcoming occurance). Bonus: Bar and

Kalendis  v.9.780.1500

The freeware Kalendis computer program allows users to interconvert any dates using any combination of the following calendars: - Gregorian calendar - ISO calendar (International Organization for Standardization) - Persian calendar (modern astrono

Einstime  v.4.7

Einstime combines a full-featured calendar with reminders, schedules, ToDo list and a World Almanac. The calendar supports standard Gregorian, Jewish, or combined mode and includes overlays for international and religious holidays.

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